Shengdana Chutney / शेंगदाणा चटणी (100gms)
Shengdana Chutney / शेंगदाणा चटणी (100 gm)

Shengdana Chutney / शेंगदाणा चटणी (100 gm)

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Premium Quality Shengdana (peanut) chutney made with high quality Foodit peanuts and garlic (lasun).
This chutney is a common Maharashtrian condiment.
•    Peanuts are good source of proteins, fibre and good fats.
•    It can perfectly compliment your everyday meal and add a flavour to it.
•    This delicious powder of roasted peanuts, garlic and spices adds flavour to any meal with it crunchy, mouth feel and vibrant flavour.
•    No preservatives are added in this chutney which makes it even healthier.
•    Each order is prepared on demand.
This chutney is prepared in a very hygienic environment.
We customise according to your needs. Let us know in the order description.
Jain version available.

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